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Smart IPTV

Version: 1.7

Play your OTT and IPTV streams on Android TV.

Virus free

Apk Info:
File Name eu.siptv.video
App Download Version: 1.7
Price Free
Apk Size 4.29 MB
Download 95
Last Update Time Jun 25, 2018
Min Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)
Target 27
arm64-v8a armeabi armeabi-v7a mips mips64 x86 x86_64
MD5 9522EC5DF349E1C6796702E69C914A9C
Signature 455CFAD881EB25599E613C5C4F11EB82595372EB
SHA256 45648DC27D9B5E0608042B78144B372316C638EB86E23B8FB8F52D5509C52B8E
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

Play your OTT and IPTV streams on Android TV.The application does not contain any channels, you have to add your own.Important! The application is free for a limited time to try its functionality.

  • Smart IPTV Mod v1.6 (Unlocked)

    Smart IPTV Mod v1.6 (Unlocked)


    Play your OTT and IPTV streams on Android TV.
    The application does not contain any channels, you have to add your own.
    Important! The application is free for a limited time to try its functionality.
  • Smart IPTV 1.5.1 Unlocked

    Smart IPTV 1.5.1 Unlocked


    Play your OTT and IPTV streams on Android TV.
    The application does not contain any channels, you have to add your own.
    Important! The application is free for a limited time to try its functionality.
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    Tired of just staring at your screen?
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    [Arcana Tactics]
    The more you play, the better it gets! A tactical RPG that requires sharp wits!
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    ■ Cute characters await you!
    Decide which heroes YOU want to fuse!
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    ■ Unique defense battles with hero fusions
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    ** This game is available in 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, ไทย, Tiếng Việt, and Bahasa Indonesia

    Smartphone App Permissions

    ▶ Permissions
    The following permissions are requested to allow you access to the listed in-game features.

    [Required Permissions]

    [Optional Permissions]

    * If your device is running on a version lower than Android 6.0, you will be unable to set optional permissions. We recommend upgrading to Android 6.0 or higher.
    * Some apps may not ask for optional permissions. However, you can still manage your app permissions and deny access.

    ▶ How to Revoke Permissions
    You can reset or revoke permissions using the following steps:

    [Android 6.0 and up]
    Open Settings > Apps > Select app > Permissions > Allow or deny access

    [Android 5.1.1 and lower]
    Update your operating system to revoke permissions or delete the app from your device.
    This is a story of a mermaid, who reign over the world of darkness.

    ◆Recommended users
    ・Users who want to play free games
    ・Users who have an interest in Japanese content
    ・Users who like Japanese comics and anime
    ・Users who want to fall in love with an attractive male
    ・Users who want to read an exciting and sweet story
    ・Users who want to play games in their spare time

    ◆Play Instructions
    You can continue to read a story by using a key to open up another chapter.
    You can aqcuire keys at the shop by either purchasing them or exchanging them for points you collected for free.
    By saving up points, you can read all stories for free.
    Even if you do not have any more keys, you can still read a little further by watching the video.

    How you choose could determine whether you become closer to him !?
    Relish a deep romance with dashingly handsome monsters.

    Our heroine, Aria, was leading a privileged and comfotable life as a mermaid with her beautiful mother and loving father.
    Until one day, something terrible befell this family that was envied by all.
    Accused and convicted of murdering her mermaid mother, the heroine was supposed to be sent to jail――――.
    But where she arrived at was a secret courtyard where a certain species was kept isolated.

    Coming from a respectable family, she who was raised up dearly like a princess with lots of love from her father.
    Confident and always ready to speak her mind, she finds it entirely natural to order and stand above the subordinate species.
    Her mother is beautiful, and when the heroine was still a child, she was tremendously proud of her mother and wanted to be like her.
    Although somewhat self-centered, she's still an innocent young girl blissfully unaware of the cruel side to mermaids.

    One of the problem children who escapted the facility in the past. He's a merman with a scar on his face from an earlier burn.
    He doesn't think highly of mermaids. But despite his deep mistrust against mermaids, he does not show it openly.
    Similarly, he doesn't show his emotions and always remains cool and distant towards the heroine.

    Foulmouthed and always ready for a fight, he often clashes with our heroine.
    He is inordinately attached to his mother, and feals great anger towards the facility that separated him from her. He yearns to break out of the facility one day to rejoin his mother.
    Although psychologically somewhat immature, he's responsible and actively takes care of daily chores and cleaning.
    From childhood he never had any tutors, and as a result studying never became his forte.

    Having a gentle nature, he laughs a lot and is forthright in his emotions.
    Although he treats everybody equally, deep down inside he remain's detached and rational, and appears to have lost something special within him.
    Rare for a merman, he has no attachment whatsoever towards people or things.
    He always feels empty and nihilistic, and at times he envies the other mermen.
    From his childhood he didn't have a worry in the world. He was provided with whatever he needed even without asking for it, and he had his mother and servants all under his complete control.

    ※The basic play mode is free. There are, however, some items that need to be purchased.
    ※The game may not function on certain devices.
    ※Under certain actual usage conditions, functionality may become unstable.
    ※Secure ample memory space on your device by closing unused apps, for example.
    ※The game will not function offline. To play, you must be connected to the internet.
    ※Separate data transmission fees may be needed in order to connect to the internet.


    ◆About the provider
    HuneX's vision is to "provide inspiration and dreams to people", and to deliver entertainment around the globe.

    Best known works
    ・Arcana Famiglia
    ・Steam Prison
  • Too Cruel Pixel Dungeon
    Too Cruel Pixel Dungeon is the mod of Shattered pixel Dungeon, featuring a lot of new challenges.

    Do you think that 8 challenges are not enough? Well, Too Cruel Pixel Dungeon have a total of 53 challenges, 45 of which are brand-new! Just make sure to not enable too many at once...

    If you want to play without challenges, go play Shattered Pixel Dungeon instead, it's very cool.

    Too Cruel Pixel Dungeon is based on the Shattered Pixel Dungeon, the source code originates from Pixel Dungeon.

    This game differs from the original PD in a number of changes, which are already added or will appear during development. All added features are the new challenges, without them the game would be identical to the Shattered Pixel Dungeon, so I made sure you can't start a run without some challenges enabled.

    This game is absolutely free - there are no things that player can purchase and get advantage over those who don't spend real money here.

    Warning: Too Cruel Pixel Dungeon has high complexity and can be extremely difficult for unprepared players. Also, you can find a random generation here. It means that there is some luck influence on the game process.

    This project is a product with an open source code which is under the GPLv3 License. You can find the source code of the current game version by clicking on that link: https://github.com/juh9870/TooCruelPixelDungeon

    Too Cruel Pixel Dungeon is in development. Bugs and some problems are possible. If you have found a bug or something like that, please, report it to us — it is possible to make it on GitHub page. If you want to offer some ideas for the game — write in on the GitHub or write me on discord.

    Mail: [email protected]
    GitHub: https://github.com/juh9870/TooCruelPixelDungeon
    Pixel Dungeon community: https://discord.gg/CrKdez5QPa
    My discord: juh9870#8970
    Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/pixeldungeon

    Good luck! You will need it :slight_smile:
  • Combat Pixel Arena 3D - Zombie Survival
    Try Combat Pixel Arena 3D: Zombie Apocalypse game multiplayer and Single-player Modes in 3D, where you can fight against players from all over the world. In this Edition FPS, you can use multiple pixel guns (from axes to sniper) and play with friends on great maps. Join thousands of players around the world! Choose your weapon and start to wreak havoc and destruction in this Minecraft games SURVIVAL environment!
    Battle against friends with a wide variety of weapons, including bazookas, mini-weapons, axes, shotguns, combat rifles, snipers, UZI, AK, RPG, and many other shooting games free!

    Features of Pixel Combat Zombies Strike:
    MULTIPLAYER and single-player game mode of Pixel Zombie Frontier.

    Pixel Z Gunner 3D Battle Survival Fps come with four game modes such as TDN, DM, SURVIVAL, PLAYER VERSUS ZOMBIE
    - 9 PIXEL GUN and multiplayer online games enjoyment
    - 10 players and these free shooting games we offer you!
    Play this zombie game to have lots of funny moments with your friends! Some Zombie shooting games can't be that bad to enjoy. A terrible epidemic made the globe packed with online shooting games, as well, as now you must fight in this FPS Shooter & Battle Royale Pixel Gun 3D to make it through!
    Pixel Shooting 3D try Everyday adversary by the enemy, no walking dead can stay unkilled if you, as well as the entire human race, ought to endure. Minecraft free multiplayer games were never that enjoyable before! Delight in excellent animation graphics and try to make it through the 3d game zombie 3D and pixel weapon.
    The Survival Pixel Block minecraft game is a survival block pixel gun 3d styled game where you have to survive in cities, farms, airport terminals, and train stations loaded with the zombies.
    You have to get some serums to survive from people who have developed into zombies, shooting games online, and protect yourself from those who want to take the serum away in this multiplayer game.
    You can fun Battle Gun 3D and Pixel Block Fight Online PVP FPS game when you are down and tired.
    Somebody that is going by might become your buddy, free Minecraft games.
    Sign up with the Battle today for your country, for humankind, and yourself.
    We offer over 100 best zombie games with numerous occupations and features, including chefs, pilots, soldiers, schoolgirls, and flight attendants.
    Many weapons available to humans in FPS Gun Game and Pixel Strike 3D. You Should enjoy here on multiplayer games online with friends around the world and enemy zombie apocalyptic!
    Various zombie apocalypse game Modes
    You can also experience various gunman game settings, such as employer fights on deathmatch game mode.
    After changed right into a Mutant Zombie, you can search for people that turn into zombie survival games as well as collect lotion. Zombies are no longer your adversary, and you can also defeat them in this Minecraft classic shooter!
    You can decide on various battle techniques and designs due to peace, hostility, national mode, and night and day adjustments on these games to play with friends.
    Intuitive controls making shooting online games far more fun
    20+ different zombie types - shooting zombie, canine zombie, and free zombie games.
    10+ different weapons, from revolver and attack rifle to excessive tools like a rocket launcher, you do not need to fear the walking dead anymore.
    Hit areas - many adversaries will fall after an accurate shot!
    Capturing multiplayer games best have to do with skill - endure good health and wellness, have a high % of headshots, and get bonus benefits!
    This experience is one of the many online games to play with friends that you can enjoy while shooting pixel zombies with your gun games!
  • Shooting Zombie Blocky Gun Warfare
    Do you like multiplayer games? Then Try Blocky Gun Warfare in 3D, where you can fight against players from all over the world. In this Edition FPS, you can use multiple block guns (from axes to sniper) and play with friends on great maps. Join thousands of coop games of players around the world! Choose your weapon and start to wreak havoc and destruction in this Pixel environment!
    Battle online multiplayer games against friends with a wide variety of weapons!
    Prepare yourself to discover FRAG Pro shooting games a shooter multiplayer games free online! Play multiplayer games best and battles versus players from around the globe with this fantastic FPS made for your phone.

    Join these games to play with friends from around the world
    Meet other online games to play with friends for small as well as insane fights
    Control your character in very first person or third individual sights
    Discover the new 2 player games in the HQ environment! Cooperate with one of your close friend's online games multiplayer.

    Over 90 characters for developing your all-star team and coming to be the very best shooter multiplayer online battle arena.
    Customize your characters with powerful and interesting skins and sniper 3d.
    Upgrade your characters to make them much more competitive shooter

    Play online games with friends, rivals as well as come to be a superstar!
    Every free online multiplayer game has its stamina and weaknesses.
    Attack the enemy target to get great deals of points, yet beware of ambushes!
    Check your missions for incredible benefits!
    FRAG Pro gunman game has whatever a shooter needs: FPS (very first individual online shooting games) and TPS (3rd person shooting games online) choices, vehicle shoot and all the controls are adjustable to fit your having fun design! FRAG Pro Shooter runs out of tricks, so join the fun of best fps games!

    Start a desperate struggle to stand amongst the living in this vibrant action-strategy multiplayer survival game. Locate the last human beings on Earth and train them in the art of survival as you fight against the apocalypse of zombie games. Develop defenses to protect your camp from an army of raiders and also fight versus the living in best zombie games. Destroy organizations of zombie apocalypse walking the city.
    Each survivor has a one-of-a-kind combating gun game online and also a backstory to find.
    From the enigmatic good shooters to the bow-wielding Rosie, not everybody is what they seem.
    Reserves are hard ahead in the apocalypse of zombie survival games. The first person shooting, Maintain adversaries from strolling in and taking your products with Watchtowers, Flamethrowers and also other harmful defences!
    Wipeout zombie infected camps to collect sources and fire to eliminate any developing monstrosities in these free shooting games.
    Shooting online games to the undead zombies in these best multiplayer games to unlock superweapons.
    Form a military of expert hunters to fight competitive crazy shooters players worldwide in on the internet PvP free zombie games.
    Accumulate good PvP triumphs to position in zombies games. Keep safe and defeat raiders to raise the highest possible teams and overlook the free multiplayer shooting games free.
    The shoot and Master a brand-new layer of the method as you take control of the activity during attacks. First person shooting games, your survivors are fighting to eliminate every risk.
    The zombie shooter game is here. Play the Daily Bounty missions to get useful sources and battle the zombies in limited-time Infestation Seasons and special seasonal occasions.
    Scavenge specialists as well as unique items to upgrade your structures and survivors zombie shooter games.
  • Ultimate Tiger Simulator 2
    Take control of our most realistic tiger ever in the sequel to one of the most popular animal simulators of all time! Explore a massive tropical world brimming with prey and predators at every turn. Search out other tigers and live together, raise a family, hunt for food, and become the strongest tiger in the world!

    The jungle has never been more alive! Explore and hunt to maintain your tiger's thirst and hunger in the most detailed world we've ever created!

    Sneak your way through the dense jungles to avoiding alerting nearby animals and giving them a head start trying to escape you! Animal AI is smarter and faster than ever!

    Omnidirectional dodge system brings a new level of skill to your fights! Quickly react to your opponents attack direction to dodge and avoid damage!

    Build deeper bonds with your tigers through the new relationship and personality system. Your pack recognizes heroic and caring acts that will alter relationships. Gain bonuses from synergetic tigers hunting together!

    Have up to TEN tigers in your pack! Seek out friendly tigers and pass their challenges to recruit them to your pack! Play as your new tiger to help them level up and improve relations with other family members!

    A brand new age makes raising your cubs even more real! Breed tiger cubs that will grow into teens and eventually full grown members of your pack!

    Introducing expanded animal customization options for fine-tuning your tiger's look! Alter physical features like height and ear size to accentuate your tiger's personality!

    Experience free-range cinematic boss fights against gigantic kings of the jungle with entirely new mechanics!

    Gain experience and level up your tiger to unlock stat bonuses and unique skills! Skills will grant specialized tiger abilities like healing, tracking, and battle strength!

    Collect materials to decorate and upgrade your dens and make life for your tigers even better! Building animal traps and watering holes can provide your pack with guaranteed tasty snacks in the mornings!

    We have done away with procedural flora, and have instead hand placed every blade of grass and tree in the world, bringing a more detailed purposeful world for you to explore!

    The world around you will change before your eyes with our brand new seasonal cycles. Snow piles up, soils glisten with wetness as rivers rage, and leaves turn brilliant oranges and yellows in fall!

    Discover the all new wildlife of the jungles! Improved AI and animations combined with species specific action trees will immerse you in our most detailed world to date. Track down animals like Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Monkey, Ram, Warthog, Lynx, Stork, Flamingo, Crow, Raccoon and of course Tigers!

    Introducing AAA PC quality graphics in a mobile simulator! With meticulously optimized models and textures, we've managed to reach an unrivaled level of visual quality!

    If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the blood effects to add even more realism!

    With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

    Download the Ultimate Tiger Simulator 2 and prove you can survive as a wild tiger in our all-new completely revamped simulation!

    If you liked living as a Tiger then be sure to check out our other animal simulators!

    We plan on creating more sequels so give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next!
  • I woke up and now I'm a knight?! Sexy Visual Novel

    At last, the hero has arrived!

    Waking up in a fantasy world on the brink of war, you'll have to rely on wits and cunning to survive, while calling on help from unlikely places!

    Gather your companions and fight your way to the truth behind the vicious demon attacks before it's too late...

    The key to everything is in your dreams…



    Kyndia's most accomplished swordswoman with countless feats to her name, Katerina will be an invaluable asset on the battlefield… Once you help her overcome her fear of demons.

    Past trauma and present danger combine to render Katerina helpless—can you help her unleash her hidden talents?


    A lady of the cloth who has dedicated her life to caring for orphans, Elena strives to find the good in any situation.

    But when confronted with the horrors of war, something wells up from deep inside and Elena becomes something else entirely…

    Can you keep Elena safe from what lurks within?


    Daughter of the Demon King, Minerva is a hotheaded leader who cares deeply for her people.

    Loud, brash and hell-bent on gaining justice for past injustices, Minerva is a force to be reckoned with—but when her passion leads her astray, can you help her back onto the right path?
  • 8 Ball & Trickshots
    Play 3D 8 Ball Pool and do Tricks with very realistic physics and cue control

    Learn to do the hardest tricks such as ( Backspin, Topspin, Masse, Jump etc. )

    Use different kinds of cues such as Break & Jump Cues,

    Play in Portrait and Landscape mode

    Also, while doing tricks, there may be various objects on the table and maybe a girl ( Emily ;) )

    Soon will be added
    1) Play with friends mode and opportunity to play with friends in a Private Room
    2) Record your game and share with your friends
  • Makeover Love Story: Girl & Kids Makeup Games
    Fiona is a normal high school girl. She dreams to be the cheerleader on her school team. When she first saw Jeremy, who is the quarterback of the school team, she found she fell in love with him. Fiona wants to cheer him up in the final game. Now, Fiona trains hard and wants to perform perfectly that day.

    - Romantic high school love story.
    - SPA, makeup, dress up… Fun games design for girls.
    - It's fashion time! DIY a cheerleader pom-poms!
    - Skip rope, ride the bike, lift dumbbells…Train harder and perform more perfectly!
    - Make healthy sandwiches and fruit juice!
    - Dress Jeremey up for the final game!

    How to play:
    - Use interactive touch controls to play.
    - Comb the hair and makeup for the dance-off!
    - Try on different cheerleader outfits!
    - Train harder and be a cheerleader!
    - After a workout, make some healthy food for Fiona!
    - Go! Fight! Win! Cheer Jeremy up!

    What will happen between Fiona and Jeremy? Stay tuned…

    Important Message for Purchases:
    - By downloading this App you agree to our Privacy Policy
    - Please consider that this App may include third parties services for limited legally permissible purposes.

    Crash, Freeze, Bugs, Comments, Feedback?
    Please feel free to contact us: https://www.hugsnhearts.com/about-us

    About Hugs N Hearts
    Hugs N Hearts is an acclaimed mobile games developer who is enthusiastic about creating diverse and high-quality games for kids. We aim to provide users the best gaming experiences with high quality graphics and game design.
    We are always looking for opportunities to improve our games. Please feel free to leave us comment and let us know what you think.

    Important Message to Parents
    This app is free to play and all content is FREE with ads. There are certain in-game features that may require purchase using real money.

    Discover more free games with Hugs N Hearts
    - Subscribe to our youtube channel at:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUfX6DF6ZpBnoP6-vGHQZ0A
    - Learn more about us at: https://www.hugsnhearts.com/
  • Cruise Islands
    Try challenging levels of real-time competition with other players.
    Spot the differences and reveal the funny characters of islands.

    Find and restore priceless treasure. Hundreds of artefacts to uncover and clean, before getting your own collection.

    Take part in addictive game events. Climb up the leaderboards and get glory and rewards!

    Stop hesitating! Adventure awaits!
  • Real Commando Action Shooting Games - Gun Games 3D
    Real Commando Action Shooting Games - Gun Games 3D

    FPS Commando is basically a new type of Sniper Secret Mission Free Shooting Games.Enjoy one of the best offline games with unlimited fun in this FPS shooting game.

    in the world of free shooting games as a real commando in the Multiplayer Battle Royale Games. you have Secret Sniper Missions to Finish War in the 3d shooter game giving your best performing killing all the attacking enemies. As a FPS Shooter commando strike with shooting experience this is your shooting day to eliminate the enemies with ultimate sniper shooting performing in the new action shooting games 2021.

    In this gun shooter games, with a new mission call showing your best shooter skills in this secret mission game you need to kill all the enemies. Commando adventure mission is an online sniper game where you show yourself as a commando master leading all the sniping team with Fps Fire Shot Battle .in this fps combat fighting, you need to win the battle in the fps battleground ⚔️ as a sharpshooter in this sniper arena combat era.
    if you have survival experience as a survival victory in all those you played top free adventure games in the sniper shooting world. Then you can become a pro 3d assassin sniper hero master after getting assassin training playing this FPS Commando Secret Mission Shooting 3D Games.

    Have you ever played FPS survival shooting games ? If No, Then you are going to play these sniper fun games for free. Commando Hunters with new shooter experience will face many attacking enemies in this secret mission sniper call to destroy them with all Special Forces you have in the sniper training games offline & Online. Enjoy one of the best free shooting games offline with unlimited battle royale fun.In this fps shooting games 2021, you have different missions to accomplish as to show off your battlefield gun games . skills in the range master as you have done in Offline action games.

    The gameplay of multiplayer shooting games is very adventurous. It is a 10-minute survival shooter game.it gives you experience of sniper shooting battle. The game gives an Exciting Shooting Experience, Play this gun shooting games & be a pro player as a sniper Shooter in the world of action games. This game gives you many shooting tasks and missions where you will complete all the given secret mission calls as an assassin hero.

    With as many shooting skills as you have, you are given different shooting worlds to experience as you are going on a mission as mountain sniper shooting 3d ,sniper shooting city hunter games offline & desert sniper shooting games 3d.Wow!
    you are a assassin's frontier commando with perfect shooting ability in this best assassin's action commando offline game.

    The most stunning of all gun sniper shooting 3d ultimate warriors warfare games. 3d modern assassin commando simulation has a variety of kills hot with sniping range in assassin training adventure battleground.

    Game Features
    - it also gives you experience of sniper shooting car games & sniper shooting games.
    -3d sniping master offline action game with multiple levels designed for our users for more fun & excitement.
    - includes sniper shooting games full hd offline.
    - Special weaponry System.
    - Modern action fast-paced thrilling.
    - Amazing Attacking Enemies AI system.
    - Special Fps Forces battlefield activation in the style of mountain sniper.
    - Get Free Weapons as A reward Winning on completing different tasks.
    - Sniper 3d gun shooter game
    - Real shooting effects.
    - Sniper PVP arena.
    - Easy sniper shooting games offline.
    - Addictive missions to play with all gun games.
    - Also gives sniper shooting commando women.
  • Real Counter Terrorist Strike
    Welcome to another real commando game with FPS Shooting Games with counter terrorist shooting missions in the realm of anti terrorist game. Commando Games for you to enjoy shooting games inside the arena of commando secret mission with FPS shooting strike. Counter terrorist Strike comes ur way with serious terrorist attack for you.. This is coming your way this Holiday season filled with gun games with elements of lethal weapons handling. If you are ready to enjoy the theme of FPS gun strike and counter terrorist games, then this addition of terrorist shooting is the right mix for you. FPS games coming with features of era of gun action where the military trained men fight FPS shooter while experiencing FPS commando shooting is a ly found fad. Go through each of the game levels while you tackle the terrorists in our counter terrorist shooting game where you apply strategies of FPS commando game. Tackle the enemy in this action game. Are you passionate for high level strategy missions? Be the part of gun games in commando shooter game since this is the era for multiplayer assault gun action. Gun games have never come in this form of a shooting strike. Get ready for some real commando shooting in winters of terrorist shooting game. Join into our anti terrorist game with and becomes the best FPS Shooter in the genre of encounter shooting game when you play FPS games.

    Real Commando Shooting and FPS Shooting Strike Game comes with multiple modes. Is your anti terrorist squad ready for counter terrorists shooting action in real commando game? The war arena is the latest in FPS gun strike. Encounter shooting game is our first offer that has bomb disposal squad action with exciting FPS commando shooting. Bomb Defuse Mode also has Multiplayer missions specially designed for Army Missions. Present day warfare is represented in our FPS shooting games. In gun shooting games, we will offer you the fun of counter terrorist shooting games. Packed with some high level action of terrorist killing missions, we have game levels where you will have to perform at the maximum level of expertise to clear the area of evil forces. The battle has commenced in anti terrorist game and only the most lethal FPS Commando will survive these FPS games. Get thrilled with some counter terrorist missions in commando games. These shooting games are part of an era belonging to high performance fighters. Battlefront today is our favourite arena of gun shooter games. Can your trained soldier handle the terrorist attack while playing real commando game? Let's see who's the military man of the FPS commando game realm of commando missions game.

    Real Commando Shooting – terrorists shooting gam in the season of counter terrorist squad shooting has arrived. We especially developed counter terrorist game in the FPS gun shooting games arena. Enjoy highly trained enemies that you have to defeat while you enjoy anti terrorist shooting in real commando game. Gun Fire Game has real commando shooting. The season belongs to never seen before ammunitions. Play original FPS shooting games added to thrilling action packed scenes. Have you ever experienced playing with multiple guns with coolest animations and smooth controls in the pool of shooting games? Become a part of commando shooter game when you download commando mission game with FPS commando game. Remove enemy forces of real counter terrorist strike. Don't let enemies from FPS encounter shooting win counter shooting strike and prove yourself as FPS shooter. Update your skills of fierce counter terrorist shooting and play this game.

    Large range of assault rifles.
    Multiple environments .
    Optimized Graphic for all devices.
  • Open World Shooting Game - FPS
    Like the ? Critical Strike: Gun Strike mission is a 3d fps offline shooting game. Jump into the Adventure and enter the battle strike shooting games online right now .It's totally free sniping games to play !

    Enjoy one of the best offline shooting pubge game with unlimited fun. In this
    pabji game TPS shooting fun free games explore the best offline shooting game levels for real shooting games offline action fun.

    Welcome to the open game : You will encounter shooter games shooting fps game play all terrorists as a specially trained commando counter in this fps games 2020. We honourably present critical action commando mission - free fps shooting game killing for all fps and fps gun games lover. The addictive fun games for free play super fps commando secret mission & world action weapons in the fps commando shooting game will make exciting your free fire game time. You are a commando attack gun games of fps secret mission fun shooting games you have to eliminate all terrorists. Free shooting games top free games include a variety of deadly weapons shotguns, knife, grenade, fry-pan pistols & assault rifles of all free action fun shooter games shooting games 3d. You are an expert pbg last commando shooting games offline multiplayer shoot game so take charge and come at the front line to complete the real commando shooting game new games 2020.
    offline are front-line strike games. Use your guns sniper skills and destroy all terrorist enemies - battle games in action free shooting games. TPS commando game kam mb wali game is fun of gun strike based on exciting story-line. Real commando mission shooting 3D game will fulfill your entire shooting counter strike game crazy as fps encounter shooting free games 2021. fps commando mission game Victories are fun missions in a real team shooter 3d game, so use fighting skills and complete the impossible pubg mission game. Your new shooting games 2020 are not normal they are also fully trained to fight with shooting mission any counter-attack special forces 3d shooter. So be ready, you are a special warrior of fps commando secret mission no need to fear about enemies in gun shooting games latest games 2020.
    + Thrilling Missions
    Offline game Free Shooting Game play
    A huge range of
    free gun games
    Realistic assassin missions
    You can download and play best games in the world.

    You can Install the best offline games for unlimited fun. Explore the best offline shooting trending games levels in this video game.
  • Real Robot Ring Fighting Games
    Real Robot Ring Fighting
    Apart from being the best robot boxing, this game of robot ring fight ensures the best quality for the lovers of free robot games and real robot ring fighting games. Fight with your Robot Fighting machine in this ultimate action and sports adventure. Unlock furious attacks with different robots in one-one combat using special moves, jabs, punches with legendary parts of your favourite heroes.

    Become The Champion
    Play with new robots with devastating Heavy & Special Attacks, Ultimate Upgrades, Critical Hits, and Finishers, and enjoy the real offline fighting games. Jump into the robot battle arena and register yourself as the champion of the robot boxing games and robot wrestling games by winning more worlds.

    Action Game For Free
    This exciting action-fighting Robot punch boxing brings Robot Boxing onto your mobile device! Enjoy action games for free. The battle between boxing robots. It's a real survival robot, so be prepared for a ring arena battle. More of your favorite Robots will fight in the grand ring battles for supremacy of the Real Robot Steel universe.

    Customise your Robots
    Customise your Robots with exciting iconic Heads, metal bodies, and powerful Hands & Legs. We can't wait to play this ultimate combination of robot wrestling games, grand robot boxing games, and real robot fighting games. Become the player of the knock-out championship to defeat the monster superheroes, showing your martial arts skills.

    All Unique and New Stages
    Lead the steel robots in cage wrestling and robot fight games. Enjoy unlimited robot boxing in different arenas. The most advanced and spectacular arcade action Robot boxing game calls you out to crush your enemies, conquer mighty bosses, and become the next great Robot Boxing legend.
  • Yume100: ร้อยดวงใจเจ้าชายนิทรา
    Welcome the coming of the main story, part 2, full format, voice-overs With a new puzzle system, collecting badges to receive prizes !!

    The ultimate puzzle game for girls on the story "Love and Prince" that everyone dreams of! Your adventure in "Kingdom of Dreams" to unite the seal of the Sleeping Beauty And recover your land from you "Demon eating dreams" with unlocking romantic stories together!

    Start the game now. Get "Fairy Stone" for free every day! Hurry up, Fairy Stone And bring it to wake the prince from the bed of sleep!

    ◆ ◇. ゜. ◇ ◆ Instructions ◆ ◇. ゜. ◇ ◆
    ・ The size of the app is quite large. It is recommended to download via Wi-Fi.
    ・ Supports Android 4.0 and above

    ■ Clear PUZZLE, easy to cooperate with the Prince to defeat the enemy! ■
    ・ If dragging the puzzle well Will receive praise from the prince too!
    ・ Enjoy the Prince team. In your style!
    ・ Go with many special voice overs. While you play the puzzle!

    ■ Full story! A variety of stories, the drama of the princes! ■
    ・ The main story is amazing. Your adventure in the dream kingdom!
    ・ The unique story of more than 100 princes!
    ・ Come to wake up the prince from sleep. And enjoy their sweet story!

    ■ Famous dubbed army! ■
    ・ 100 princes all have unique voice overs! Let's find your favorite prince!

    ◇ Introduce some voice actors! ◇
    Aoi Shouta, Akabane Kenji, Ishikawa Kaito, Eguchi Takuya, Osaka Ryouta, Ookawa Genki, Ono Kenshou, Kishio Daisuke, Kobayashi Yuu, Sakurai Takahiro, Shingaki Tarusuke, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Suzumura Kenichi, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Toriumi Kousuke , Namikawa Daisuke, Hanae Natsuki, Hino Satoshi, Hoshi Souichirou, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Masuda Toshiki, Miyano Mamoru, Murase Ayumu, Morikubo Shoutarou, Yamashita Daiki, Yamaya Yoshitaka

    ■ BGM that will make you dive into a romantic fantasy world! ■
    ・ BGM by Takada Masafumi, the composer, very skilled game!

    ◆ ◇. ゜. ◇ ◆ Instructions ◆ ◇. ゜. ◇ ◆
    ・ Supports Android 4.0 and above
    ・ Cannot play offline Please connect to the internet while playing.
    ・ When uninstalling the game Play data will be deleted.
    ・ The size of the app is quite large. It is recommended to download via Wi-Fi.
    ・ Please check "Terms of Use".
  • Blocky Combat Strike Zombie Survival
    Try Blocky Combat Strike Multiplayer Modes in 3D, where you can fight against players from all over the world.
    Play this game, zombie tsunami Apocalypse, in pixel games multiplayer and Single-player Modes in 3d games offline, where you can fight versus pixel game from around the globe. Free to play fps and begin to create mayhem and destruction in this pixel games online SURVIVAL environment!
    Fps play with friends with various weapons, consisting of bazookas, shotguns, snipers, RPGs, and numerous other shooting games online!

    Features of Blocky Combat Strike Zombies:
    Play zombie apocalypse and the single-player pixel games offline of Pixel zombie multiplayer games online Frontier.
    Play multiplayer game Pixel Z Gunner 3D Battle Survival fps game that comes with four modes pixel games survival, SURVIVAL, PLAYER VERSUS zombie multiplayer games and gun game
    - 24 PIXEL GUN and multiplayer online games satisfaction
    - 10 gamers and also these free pixel shooting games we provide you!
    Play this zombie game to have great deals of funny moments with your friends! Some Zombie shooting games can not be that negative to enjoy. A terrible epidemic made the globe loaded with shooting games offline, too, as now you need to combat this fps games Shooter & Battle Royale Pixel Gun 3D!
    Pixel Shooting 3D try Everyday enemy zombie 3d by the enemy, no walking dead can remain unkilled if you destroy all. Minecraft-free multiplayer games were never that enjoyable before! Indulge in excellent animation graphics and make it with the game zombie 3D and pixel weapon.
    The Survival Pixel Block Minecraft game is a survival block pixel gun 3d styled pixel shooting game where you have to endure in cities, farms, flight terminal terminals, and train terminals packed with zombie multiplayer online.
    You have to get some immunotoxins to survive from individuals that have established within zombie multiplayer games offline.
    You can enjoy Battle Gun 3d game and Pixel Block Fight Online PVP FPS pixel shooting games online multiplayer teams when you are down and tired.
    Somebody that is going by may become your friend, cost-free pixel shooting games online.
    Play shooting and Join the Battle today for your nation, for humanity, as well as yourself.
    Fps games to play with friends in zombie pixel gun shooter 3d with various characters such as swat and mercenary.
    Many weapons are available in fps offline Gun Game and Pixel Strike 3D fps games online multiplayer. You Should appreciate right here on play multiplayer games online with pals around the globe and opponent zombie multiplayer survival!
    Play shooting guns with many models pixel guns.
    Likewise, you can experience many pixel gun actions, such as company battles on the deathmatch fps games offline.
    After changed right into zombie hunting games, you can browse for people that turn right into zombie survival games in addition to collect lotion. Play shooting zombies are no longer your opponent, and also you can likewise beat them in this Minecraft classic shooter!
    You can determine various battle strategies and layouts because of peace, hostility, nationwide mode, and pixel gun 3d changes to have fun with friends.
    Instinctive controls making shooting games much more fun
    20+ various zombie hunter kinds - shooting zombies, canine zombie hunter offline games, and free zombie games.
    10+ different weapons, from revolver and strike rifle to excessive tools like a rocket launcher, you do not require to fear the walking dead anymore.
    Struck areas - numerous foes will drop after a precise shot!
    Recording multiplayer horror games concern skill and obtain reward advantages!
    Play shooting games on This experience are among the many online games to have fun with friends you can delight in while shooting pixel zombie hunter 3d with your gun games!
  • Gunner FPS Shooter
    FPS fans, you have been waiting for the moment finally arrived, this is a designed for FPS game enthusiasts design game. This game has incredible graphics and effects. It makes you feel not only playing games, but participated in a real battle.

    This great FPS game is very interesting and challenging. Ready to kill dozens of enemies to complete all the missions. Earn rewards, unlock new guns You must be in the guarantee of their own safety at the same time, destroy all the enemies. When you destroy all enemies, you will enter the next mission. Complete all the missions, save the innocent people, become a hero on the battlefield.

    In the remote areas found the enemy base camp. You as a special force of the elite, you are given the mission is to clear the enemy in a limited time base. You must sneak into the base of the enemy, destroy all enemies, and destroy the enemy's camp. This mission is very difficult and you have to be careful to face. Sneak into the enemy's inside, destroy the enemies near you, and then find the right place to gradually destroy all enemies. Note that your gunshots will attract the enemy, so speed up your pace, with the fastest speed to destroy all the enemies.

    This game has a powerful arsenal, which has a variety of powerful weapons. But these need you to complete the mission after the reward to unlock. So do not hesitate to join the game. Destroy the enemy, complete the mission, get reward, unlock your long-awaited powerful weapons.

    As the elite troops commando, the best shooter. You hone your skills on the battlefield and get rewarded. Use your powerful shooting skills to conquer all your goals.

    Gunner FPS Shooter Features:
    - FPS shooting game
    - Real 3D environment
    - shocking music and sound effects
    - Simple and smooth operation
    - Smart AI
    - a variety of powerful weapons for your choice
    - real shooting effect
    - addictive game
    - play anytime, anywhere, ease the day of fatigue
  • きららファンタジア
    Popular characters from "Manga Time Kirara" gather in the RPG world!

    "Kirara Fantasia" is complete with many popular works such as "K-ON!", "Is the Order a Rabbit?", "Yurucamp", "Hidamari Sketch", "School-Live!", And "NEW GAME!" It is a new all-star RPG.
    In the game, "cute" illustrations drawn by Kirara writers and newly recorded voices will appear, and you can enjoy a dream co-star that transcends the boundaries of the work.
    You can experience the "fun" and "cute" effects of Kirara in battle.
    In addition, your daily life is filled with "Kirara", such as "Sato", which is the base of adventure, and "Room" where you can enjoy their daily lives!

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
    ◆ STAFF
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
    [Original character design]
    Ume Aoki "Hidamari Sketch"
    Kuroda bb "A channel"
    Cloba.U "Stella's Magic"
    Chiba Sadoru "School-Live!"
    Shotaro Tokunou "NEW GAME!"
    Yui Hara "Kiniro Mosaic"
    Harikamo "Urara Meirocho"
    Komata Mikami "Yuyushiki"
    ...... Other titles will be entered one after another!

    [Original character design]
    Ume Aoki, bb Kuroda, Satoko Kiyuzuki, Yui Hara, Shotaro Tokunou
    …… and more!

    [Concept art]
    Satoko Kiyuzuki

    [Development and operation]

    [Development cooperation]

    [Main scenario production]
    Nachi Kio & KOMEGAMES

    [Character scenario production]

    [BGM / SE production]
    Noisy cloak
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
    ◆ CAST
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
    Voice actor name listed (in alphabetical order)
    Kana Asumi, Yumi Uchiyama, Rumi Okubo, Ari Ozawa
    Chiaki Omigawa, Ai Kayano, Tomori Kusunoki, Yurika Kubo
    Yuki Kuwahara, Marika Kouno, Yuko Goto, Minako Kotobuki
    Miyuki Sawashiro, Ryoko Shintani, Ayaka Suwa, Yuki Takada
    Lee Takahashi, Ayumi Takeo, Manami Tanaka, Risa Taneda
    Minami Tsuda, Nao Toyama, Megumi Toda, Maria Naganawa
    Asuka Nishi, Sayaka Harada, Hitomi Harada, Yoko Hikasa
    Kaori Fukuhara, Yui Horie, Kaede Hondo, Ryoko Maekawa
    M ・ A ・ O Eriko Matsui Kaori Mizuhashi Inori Minase
    Suzuko Mimori, Rie Murakawa, Megumi Yamaguchi, Aoi Yuki
    Haruka Yoshimura Azumi Waki
    …… and more!

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
    ◆ WORLD
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
    The days we spend become a story that heals the world.

    A fantastic world full of rich nature- "Etoilea"
    A tree of words leaves rises in the center of the world
    From the temple floating above it, the gentle goddess Sora ruled the world with holy power.
    Thanks to that, people lived a warm and happy life.

    ――But that peace suddenly collapses.
    Someone has sealed the power of Goddess Sora.
    The name of the person is Al Seeve, the first priest. By her plot, which should have been the right arm of Goddess Sora
    Etoilea's peace was about to be disturbed.

    One and one who stood up in the crisis of this world.
    Lamp and Match, who served in the temple, set out on a journey in search of a way to save the goddess.

    Then, at the end of a long journey, in a remote village, he meets a girl with a mysterious power-Kirara.
    She called on the characters of "Manga Time Kirara" and
    He was a summoner who could use the legendary magic "Call" to summon them.

    ――Can you save the world with us?

    When Kirara hears Lamp's wishes, they both decide to stop Al Seeve.
    The girls' adventures are about to begin to restore world peace.
  • IGI Zombie Chainsaw:City Killer
    You have a Chainsaw with you and there are lot of Zombies in your city. All people have gone. you are alone in the city. You found a chainsaw and you have to kill all the zombies in the city.
  • Construction Ramp Jumping
    You probably think that roadrollers can't fly, and you are 100% right, but… They can jump, and when they fall… Oh my! It's a hell of a spectacle! Imagine throwing 12 tons of metal into a building. → Actually, you don't have to use your imagination, just download our game! Lots of great locations, and really heavy vehicles are waiting for you to spread the art of destruction!
New Apps
  • Cube Escape: Birthday APK
    Travel back to the winter of 1939 and celebrate your 9th birthday with your family. There is cake, music and a mysterious present. However, the mood changes quickly when an unexpected guest arrives at the party. Can you prevent the tragedy that has haunted your memories for so long?

    Cube Escape: Birthday is the Eighth of the Cube Escape series and part of the Rusty Lake story. We will unfold the mysteries of Rusty Lake one step at a time, follow us @rustylakecom.
  • PDF creator & editor pro APK
    ✔ Create PDF from multiple images from camera or gallery
    ✔ View your converted PDFs
    ✔ Open, Rename, Delete, print, share files
    ✔ Sort the files order based on a number of options
    ✔ View File details (Path, size, date created ...)
    ✔ Compress PDF
    ✔ Encrypt PDF
    ✔ Decrypt PDF
    ✔ Rotate Pages
    ✔ Different themes
    ✔ Merge existing PDFs
    ✔ Split existing PDFs
    ✔ Convert text file to PDFs
    ✔ Compress existing PDF
    ✔ Remove pages from a PDF
    ✔ Rearrange pages of a PDF
    ✔ Extract images from PDF
    ✔ History : View all the PDF related conversions
    ✔ Remove duplicate pages
    ✔ Reorder pages from a PDF
    ✔ Add a watermark
    ✔ QR and Barcode Scanner
    ✔ Edit Images
    ✔ Filter Images
    ✔ Image compression
    ✔ Set image scale type
    ✔ Set page size
    ✔ Preview PDF
    ✔ Create grayscale PDF
    ✔ Show page numbers
    ✔ Add Margins
    ✔ Add password protect to pdf and much more...
  • The Solitaire APK
    La Solitaire trae el popular juego de cartas Solitaire (también conocido como Klondike y paciencia) a usted con unos gráficos y un montón de opciones de juego.
    Optimizado para pantallas tanto paisaje y retrato. reglas del juego y la página de ayuda se proporcionan para los jugadores que no están familiarizados con Solitaire.
    Disfrutar de la mejor aplicación de Solitaire para matar a su tiempo!


    ■ 3 niveles de dificultad
    Se proporcionan resolubles ofertas niveles Fácil / Media / Hard.
    También puede ver la solución para estas ofertas.

    ■ nivel aleatorio
    Probar su suerte con ofertas de azar. (No garantiza ofertas que tienen solución)

    ■ Scoring
    de puntuación estándar para los juegos basados ​​en el tiempo de juego y el número de movimientos.

    ■ Estadísticas
    La historia de su juego se guardará dentro de la aplicación.
    Confirmar su mejor puntuación, porcentaje de victorias en cualquier momento!
    ■ Otros
    - 1 card draw / 3 robo de carta
    - Seleccione de 3 juegos de cartas diferentes, 3 fondos
    - Toque para mover las cartas
    - Deshacer y Sugerencias
  • Pakt - Online Food Delivery APK
    Order Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more, to get delivered safely to your door.

    With just a few taps, you can easily order​ ​delicious food and get it delivered right to​ ​your doorstep. Discover and get great food.

    With our filters and smart search functions, you can find the exact menu or product you want in no time, available to personalize at your request.

    See the estimated arrival time at your address.
    Get notified when your order arrives.

    Get notified of offers in your nearby restaurants.
  • ezy4u APK
    ezy4u is local online grocery shopping app where you can purchase all your house hold items online and get your orders delivered at your door step.

    Download our app to shop online for Dals and Pulses, Spices, Dry fruits, Detergents, Household cleaning items, personal care, houshold care, diapers & baby care, pet care, meats and seafood as well as the latest products from leading brands like Hindustan Uniliver, Aashirvaad, Saffola, Fortune, Nestle, Amul, Dabur, and many more.

    You can choose from over 7,000 products
    Expect same day delivery
    100% return and exchange policy; return at the time of delivery, no questions asked
    Best deals & offers: You'll never miss a chance to save; get alerts every time we have a special offer running

    In-app support: Enjoy instant support on the status of your order or any issues related to payments and refunds. And our support team is a call away to help you

    We provide doorstep delivery of groceries in Tirupati currently. Online groceries in Tirupati.
  • Ultima Reversi APK
    Más de 3,8 millones de descargas !!!
    Reversi es un juego de mesa muy difícil para todas las edades. Las reglas de Reversi son mucho más simples que otros juegos de mesa. Sin embargo, fácil de aprender no significa fácil de jugar bien. Ofrece muchas posibilidades estratégicas, que puede pasar el resto de su vida para dominarlo.

    Ultima Reversi es una implementación de Reversi, que tiene muchas características para personalizar el juego y hacerlo más interesante. Desafía a tus habilidades estratégicas con Ultima Reversi!

    ===== ===== CARACTERÍSTICAS
    * Modo de 1 jugador (Human vs CPU)
    * 2-jugadores de modo (humano contra humano).
    * El modo de visualización (CPU vs CPU).
    * 10 niveles de dificultad.
    * Cuadro de indicadores y el sistema de calificación.
    * Tamaño Varios tabla (4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8) y varios colores bordo.
    * Diversas normas (modo normal, 4 modos de la desventaja de la etapa y 2 modos de variantes).
    * Soporte y deshacer función de pista.
    * Apoyo a la notación de registro de juego.
    * Otras varias opciones (CPU Level Auto-juego, primer movimiento alternativo, etc.)
    * Los dispositivos de tamaño de la tableta de soporte. Usted puede disfrutar con su familia o amigos en una tableta!

    ===== ===== NORMAS REVERSI
    * El juego comienza con cada jugador tiene dos discos en un tablero.
    * El Turnos, cada uno añadiendo un disco adicional en el tablero.
    * Un movimiento válido debe capturar al menos uno de los discos del oponente. Esto se hace por lo rodea, ya sea vertical, horizontal o diagonal (o una combinación de los tres). Cuando esto ocurre, los discos del oponente que ha rodean se convierten en la suya.
    * Si un jugador no puede hacer un movimiento válido, el jugador debe pasar y el otro jugador juega de nuevo.
    * El juego termina cuando todo el tablero está lleno o cuando ninguna de las partes puede hacer un movimiento válido.
    * El ganador del juego es el que tiene la mayor cantidad de discos cuando el juego ha terminado.

    NOTAS: Ultima Reversi tiene una función de "Auto Pass" que pasa automáticamente su turno si no tienes otra medida disponible y debe pasar.
  • Alif Arabic Alphabets Learning APK
    Alif Arabic Alphabets by both Amharic and English Language with Voice
    This app is designed mainly for person who didn't know Arabic Letters from scratch. It teaches you all 28 Arabic Letters with beautiful voice and clearly hear able.

    it is also fit for students
    Thanks for downloading and rate us
    Deresaw Islamic Apps
  • Vivora APK
    Vivora is a Premium Sanitary Ware Brand located in Morbi, Gujarat that is born out of a vision to extend luxurious customer experience within the bath space across India. Part of a Greenfield Project, Vivora is a business venture started in 2019 by professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience in the field of providing a luxurious customer experience. Catering to the contemporary audiences who have a refined taste in lifestyle, we design and manufacture stylish and sophisticated sanitary ware that ensures their magnificent bath space experience.

    Vivora follows a complete in-house designing and manufacturing approach in support of the 'Make in India' movement.

    This is E-Commerce application that allows users to search for required
    products and place order at Vivora.
  • UAE وظائف‎ APK
    This Application will help you searching for all kinds of Job in UAE just by using this single App.
    we are among the top choices of job seekers.

    the easy way to access latest job listings in just a minute and every day.
    you will get notification of new jobs everyday with this handy app.
    Apply to the latest Jobs in Dubai anytime, anywhere with this app.

    Disclaimer/Clarification: Wadhefa.com and application is a job site/app collecting job announcements published to the public
    from various agencies/companies or added by themselves in the jobs platforms.
    The application and those in charge of it do not represent any government or political entity.
  • Stack It APK
    The game is endless and its so hard. You should stack the object(cube, cuboid, cuboid 90 degree) and should not let the object fall. You will have 3 tries + power ups(heart, speed, scale) use them very wisely.
  • Split It APK
    The game is about Splitting the Cube. The close your are splitting it perfectly the more score you get And be careful the more score you get the faster the cube moves. You need to be patient. Tap the to drop the cube
  • Old Maid - Free Card Game APK
    ¡Familiarizado con juegos clásicos como Solitaire Victory!
    De la serie "PRO.APP" que se descargó totalmente 12.5 millones,
    aquí viene "Old Maid", que es popular como un juego clásico.

    ¿Qué tarjeta viene la próxima?
    Es adicto a la emoción.

    - Popular entre mujeres y hombres.
    - Gana, tienes buenos sentimientos. Pierde, desafiarás el próximo juego.
    - El juego es interminable. No puedo parar de disfrutar.
    - ¡La regla es muy simple! Recomiendo perder el tiempo!

    ¡Cree en ti mismo!

    * Puedes disfrutar de 3 versiones variantes junto a Old Maid.

    [A] Old Maid (inigualable: Reina)
    [2] Old Maid - Random (inigualable: Random One)
    [3] Old Maid - Random & Joker (inigualable: Random One y JOKER)
    [4] Old Maid - Joker (inigualable: JOKER)

    * Se siente buen funcionamiento! Puedes jugar sin problemas.

    - ¡La operación es muy simple! Cuando obtienes una tarjeta, ¡solo toca la tarjeta!
    - Antes de tomar su tarjeta, puede barajar y cambiar la ubicación.

    * ¡Guau! ¿El oponente es como un humano?

    - ¡Puedes ver el dedo del oponente!
    - El oponente es único 15 personas.
    - Mover la carta para regatear con el oponente.
    - Perdida o la elección de la tarjeta.

    * Disfruta mucho tiempo con muchas opciones útiles.

    - Dependiendo de tus sentimientos, puedes cambiar la tarjeta y el fondo.
    - ¡Comparte tus amigos por SNS cuando ganes!
    - Consigue el diamante para recoger el sello diario.
    - ¡Apunta al número 1 en el ranking mundial!
    - ¡Comprueba tu historial de juego anterior!

    * ¡Disfruta de Old Maid en tu tiempo de relajación!

    * Consulta
    - Si tiene alguna pregunta o informe de un error, contáctenos por correo electrónico desde la página de información. Contestaremos individualmente.
    - Y haremos un esfuerzo por nuestro producto, por lo tanto, envíenos sus comentarios sobre el uso del producto.

    P.R.O Corporation
    PRO.APP Trump Series
    Sirvienta vieja
  • Mahjong Solitaire Tile Match Game APK
    Mahjong is a centuries old game that originated near Shanghai and has completely different rules—mahjong classic is a game where you must make matches out of mahjong tiles that are discarded, but mahjong solitaire is about discarding tiles from the mahjong free board by matching tiles , Mahjong solitaire game is a fun & easy, addicting matching game that will hone your brain with hundreds of boards for hours of endless Fun! perfect game for when you need to stress free.

    How To Play Mahjong Solitaire:
    Match open pairs of identical tiles and remove all the Mahjong tiles from the puzzle board, Like most matching games, mahjong is easy to understand but difficult to master. Remove matching tiles by tapping them, but remember that only unblocked tiles can be picked. “Unblocked” tiles, or dominoes, are tiles that have an open edge and nothing on top of it. Play as many mahjong boards as you want!

    ⦁ Match tiles on an epic journey with over 100 levels, Morefeatures & levels added every month!
    ⦁ Helpful hints are always available when you need them
    ⦁ Variety of beautiful fascinating layouts
    ⦁ Easy matching gameplay but gets more challenging as you level up
    ⦁ Each level uses its own unique background and themed tile sets
    ⦁ Play offline anytime, anywhere

    Mahjong solitaire is great way to stay sharp and improve memory according to some studies—mahjong is considered to be a great memory game or brain game for mahjongg fans of all ages Keep your brain sharp while having fun, relaxing, and completing the game at your pace. Just play the classic mahjong solitaire Game.
  • Vulcan Vegas Bonuses APK
    Vulcan Vegas is such a large-scale entertainment application that it will take a long time to learn all the subtleties and bonuses, and the fascination of this process is guaranteed to everyone, without exception! If you think that a prestigious casino should have standards that fully correspond to its statuses, then Vulcan Vegas is ready to confirm this to you at any time. Install the app to make gambling emotions and high winnings an absolutely familiar part of your day.

    All in all, Vulcan Vegas are slots with a giant 5x5 reel, which also affects the number of winning combinations, making jackpots much less rare. The slot machine has a design corresponding to a branded casino, known for its unique style and quality of graphics.

    Bonus support in Vulcan Vegas has no competitors because it offers such favorable conditions, which is why you can keep playing forever using bonuses alone. At the start, each player will have 9000 points on the balance, taking into account cheap spins, he will be able to try various strategies to increase the balance for a long time.

    In addition to free spins, deposit bonuses, and other gifts, Vulcan Vegas has a unique mini-game - Red Queen. The essence of the game is for the player to find one necessary card out of three turned-up cards. So, under two there are two jacks, and under one there is a red queen, which the player needs to find. If the player's chosen card turns out to be a red lady, 1000 points are awarded to him. The beauty is that the mini-game is available to all players at any time, making it simply unrealistic to be left without playing points in Vulcan Vegas Bonuses.
  • Fruit Mania Match 3 Game APK
    swipe and match all the fruits
    unlock all the levels
  • Food Korea Dubai APK
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    We have fallen in love with Korean food! Whenever K-food is mentioned, either kimchi, Korean barbeque or the Samyang spicy noodles. always come to our mind. But Korean food is not just about spicy noodles, Korean BBQ and kimchi. It also offers a lot of varieties of food from sweets, savory, salty and even healthy foods.

    As part of spreading the Korean culture to the Middle East, food is one of the things that can bring unity and love to other nations without a doubt. Have a taste of Korean food ranging from Jajangmyun, Bokkeummyeon, Shin Ramyun, Spicy Buldak Noodles, Tteokbokki Sauce, Samjang, Buldak Sauce, Instant Cooked Rice, Bulgogi Marinade Sauce, Gochujang, Collagen Supplements, Diet Supplements, Energy Drinks. Soy Milk, Konjac Jelly and many more.

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  • Biomax Pay APK
    BiomaxPay is a cloud-based attendance and payroll management solution for Small & Medium Enterprises. It streamlines time and attendance entry, tracks employee wages, automates payroll processes and eases compliance with statutory obligations.
  • Moscow Metro Simulator 2D APK
    Challenge yourself as a train driver in the Moscow metro!

    Now the following lines are available: Zamoskvoretskaya (2), Kakhovskaya (11), Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (3), Filevskaya (4) and its branch (4A).

    Zamoskvoretskaya line (2) is one of the oldest lines of the Moscow metro. Its length is 42.8 kilometers, the line includes 22 stations.

    Kakhovskaya line (11) is the shortest line. Its length is 3.3 kilometers, it includes only 3 stations.

    Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line (3) is the longest line of the Moscow Metro, its length is 45.1 kilometers. It includes 22 stations, as well as the Trinity-Lykovo technical station.

    Filevskaya line (4), (4A). Most of it passes over the surface. Its length is 14.9 kilometers, has 13 stations.

    The game features types of electric trains: 81-707 Hedgehog, 81-717 numbered, 81-718, 81-740 Rusich, 81-720 Yauza.
  • Overseas Pakistani's Complaint APK
    It is a complaint management portal for Overseas Pakistanis living around the globe, which allows overseas residents to lodge their complaints without having to make frequent visits to Pakistan. The applicants can also have follow-ups on their complaints through the OPF helpline or via directly commenting on their complaints. It has improved the overall efficiency to manage complaints efficiently.
  • Space exploration APK
    Explore the universe for something interesting to learn

    This app is for people who are interested in the universe or just curious

    What you can find here ?
    - Interesting facts about object in our solar system (stars, planets, iss, dwarf planets..)
    - Data about object in our solar system
    - Current location of the ISS
    - People who are now in space and where
    - Astronomical image of the day
    - Photos from mars rovers
    - Significant people in the space industry
    - Solar system simulation
    and more

    And this is just the beginning.