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Smart IPTV

Version: 1.7

Play your OTT and IPTV streams on Android TV.

Virus free

Apk Info:
File Name eu.siptv.video
App Download Version: 1.7
Price Free
Apk Size 4.29 MB
Download 95
Last Update Time Jun 25, 2018
Min Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)
Target 27
arm64-v8a armeabi armeabi-v7a mips mips64 x86 x86_64
MD5 9522EC5DF349E1C6796702E69C914A9C
Signature 455CFAD881EB25599E613C5C4F11EB82595372EB
SHA256 45648DC27D9B5E0608042B78144B372316C638EB86E23B8FB8F52D5509C52B8E
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

Play your OTT and IPTV streams on Android TV.The application does not contain any channels, you have to add your own.Important! The application is free for a limited time to try its functionality.

  • Smart IPTV Mod v1.6 (Unlocked)

    Smart IPTV Mod v1.6 (Unlocked)


    Play your OTT and IPTV streams on Android TV.
    The application does not contain any channels, you have to add your own.
    Important! The application is free for a limited time to try its functionality.
  • Smart IPTV 1.5.1 Unlocked

    Smart IPTV 1.5.1 Unlocked


    Play your OTT and IPTV streams on Android TV.
    The application does not contain any channels, you have to add your own.
    Important! The application is free for a limited time to try its functionality.
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    Piano Turkish A game fun with Turkish Music that you will fully experience the excitement! Challenge yourself with the piano keyboard while enjoying piano music.

    Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional pianist? Have you ever dreamed of playing piano songs like Müslüm Gürses Affet, Mehter march, Dombra, Fenerbahçe anthem or the İstiklal anthem? Now your dream may come true this year. In this piano game, even a child can play piano songs like a real piano expert. Play this music game for more fun with your friends and family.

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    Mean farmers are trying to burn down your forest to expand their farmlands. As the last archer of the tankati clan you pick up your bow, ready to fight back and protect the forest.

    Windy the Indie is made as contestant in the Ludum Dare 46 compo competition. Ludum Dare is a game development competition were contestants have to make a game in 48 hours and all assets should be made during these 48 hours.

    The LD46 edition is the game as it was submitted after the 48 hours jam. It doesn't consist any ads and is free to play. The actual Windy the Indie game is still in development and will be released in the near future.
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    When you don't have any dice and want to play dice, this simulated dice app can satisfy you.

    While playing dice alone, it may be boring all the time. You can download this app with a good friend and use your mobile phone to simulate dice-throwing, and you can play a multi-player dice-throwing game.

    Although it is only a simulation of dice throwing, it has beautiful dice throwing effects.

    The following introduces the game features:

    1) 2 kinds of dice types: points and numbers.

    2) 11 kinds of dice styles: red, green, blue, colorful, ...

    3) 7 kinds of dice touch floor effects: flash, electricity, magic, ...

    4) 5 kinds of dice trail effects: blue, yellow, green, fire, rainbow.

    5) 2 kinds of dice throwing effects: flash, firework.

    6) After throwing the dice, whether they are automatically arranged according to the number of points.

    "Brisk" Music Source :
    Get Outside! by Jason Farnham from YouTube Audio Library: http://bit.ly/32TUZyy
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    Best swish Basketball is an App where you should throw the ball into a hoop.
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    Bible Paint is a color by number game rich with miracle pictures of Christian coloring pages. Just explore the library of Bible-related pictures, Bible Paint allows you to color Jesus stories. Let's choose a lovely picture and color it by the numbers to bring it to life!

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    Key Feature:
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    - Coloring book for all ages: plenty of holy pictures with difficulty levels from easy to hard
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  • Firstborn Athletics - Fitness Coaching App APK
    Are you ready to transform your body? The Firstborn Athletics Fitness Coaching App is the online coaching app for Glenn Morris. You will receive a custom training plan, custom macros, supplement advice and habit coaching to help you really dial in on your goals. I will be available to you via email with a quick response time.

    With our app you will be able to access and log your workouts, track nutrition and coaching habits. Plus you will have access to a video exercise library. This will walk you through a detailed demonstration of every movement in your program. When you have questions you can send me a message through the app or email me. To sign up for online coaching go to: www.firstbornathletics.com
  • Doll Factory APK
    Doll Factory is an arcade puzzle game, where you move the head on a rope to finally attach it to the body of the doll. The game offers unique physics play to create challenging puzzles that test your puzzle solving skills.
  • Cheka na Zephiline APK
    Kama unapenda vichekesho basi install nina uhakika utaipenda sana hii application, hakikisha unanipa nyota 5 kama utavutiwa na posti zangu pamoja na video
  • Fuzión Radio APK
    Fuzión 102.3/103.1, La Voz de La Armonía, tiene música cristiana en español con ritmos modernos y variados. Nuestra música tiene un toque alegre con mensajes de esperanza y locutores que comparten ánimo día a día entre canción y canción. Somos una emisora no-comercial, financiada por los recursos de nuestros oyentes.
  • Go Cloud APK
    Organization of missions and itineraries through a cloud platform. The right application for those who have guides and a delivery fleet.
    Map the delivery points on the map, select and create itineraries and assign them to your guides. The guide application informs and guides them point by point, while you have real-time information on where each driver is, which deliveries have been made and which remain.
    It has an API interface for each platform (ERP, POS, Catering etc).
  • ivia Carrier APK
    Why look for loads when you can get instantly notified of all loads available? Tap into an ever-updating load board and optimize your carrier business with ivia.

    ivia Carrier is an application designed by ivia – a digital spot freight marketplace crafting unique SaaS solutions for supply chain and logistics actors worldwide. Driven by advanced technologies, we provide digitalization to businesses operating on the logistics market to make their lives easier.

    Our app for carriers is specifically designed to automate routine carrier operations, simplifying key business activities to just a few taps. We created this product to help carriers digitally modernize their businesses and boost efficiency in their workflow.

    By using ivia, carriers can easily find loads and get automatically notified about existing and new loads to haul, smoothly manage their driver team, and easily communicate with freight brokers via just one app.

    - Free access to a constantly updating load board – just tap and haul. Just open the app, choose the best load offer, bid instantly, and assign the freight to your drivers. You'll have access to an easy-to-navigate load board that will always keep you up to date.

    - Automatic load board notifications – be the first to see the loads. You don't need to constantly search for the loads manually: our app uses a smart notification system that instantly notifies you once a new load is posted on the loadboard.

    - Automatic load award notifications – no waste of time. The app also notifies you once you've been awarded with a load, where you can see all the shipment requirements and make educated decisions quickly.

    - Smart load filtering – mark the loads you want to take. While exploring the load board, you can filter the offers that fit your workload and focus on the loads you're interested in.

    - Fuss-free communication with brokers – keep all negotiations in one chat. You can start a chat with a broker, discuss all details, and get back to it at any time.

    Download ivia Carrier for free and start getting the most of your business right now!
  • Nursing & Medical Quiz Set APK
    Nursing and Medical Quiz set Application is medical quiz for education and entertainment purpose. It has Lite and pro version. The Lite version is full of free of cost, user can use anytime with out purchase. The Pro version is paid version, user wants to use this pro quiz, they must be purchase.
  • Trip planner APK
     A travel management platform for corporate and seafarer travel, developed by MariApps
    Marine Solution.  
      Search and compare flight options. 
      Book and cancel flight tickets instantaneously. 
      Get the cheapest fare from your travel agent.
      Book public, marine and corporate fares.
  • Luis Figo APK
    Download internationally acclaimed football legend Luis Figo's very own Private Browser. Surf the internet with absolute reassurance of guaranteed anonymity, keep your eyes peeled for exclusive content and get regular updates on the work he does for his Foundation.
  • تكسي زين العراق‎ APK
    Taxi Zain is now available in Baghdad, Iraq. Soon in Karbala and Najaf. Order an affordable ride at the tap of a button with Taxi Zain, Iraqi rideshare app. Request a ride and get picked up by a nearby friendly driver within minutes. Simply open the app, select where you want to go, and then watch as cab driver arrives to pick you up.

    All Taxi Zain drivers are licensed to take paying passengers and have passed comprehensive background checks. Drivers are rated by passengers, and is locally owned and operated.

    Some of the features of passenger app include:
    • Register and login with a mobile number
    • Profile
    • Trip History
    • Get a taxi ride
    • Cancel trip
    • Pickup/drop location
    • Locate taxi on the map
    • Payment via cash only
    • E-receipt
    • Social media share
    • Rate the driver

    Taxi Zain has affordable prices and is open for everyone. We have one of the best taxi fares in Iraq. We run the service in Baghdad, soon in Najaf and Karbala providing economy and premium cab services.

    Other advantages:
    - You know the price of a cab ride before you travel.
    - Personalized easy-to-use service.
    - Our taxi drivers get excellent training.

    Book Taxi Zain using the app or by calling to our call center phone number.

    Got questions? Get in touch
  • Cesur Bingöl APK
    Through the application; You can view the flights and make your ticket purchases.
    Your transactions are carried out online.

    - You can choose the time you want.
    - You can choose the seat you want.
    - You can pay with your credit card or debit card.

    Turkey's anywhere you can reach us:

    Cesur Bingöl Contact: 0426 214 24 44
  • Tum Say Tum Tak - Romantic Urdu Novel 2021 APK
    Written and composed by IPC Solutions

    New and Improved Design
    Zoom in, Zoom out feature
    New bookmarks functionality
    More reading space
    Bugs Free
    Clean and Simple Design for reading
    Very low app size
  • Sant Rohidas APK
    राम कृष्ण हरी संत रोहिदास हे ॲप आम्ही सर्वांसाठी उपलब्ध करून देत आहोत.या ॲपच्या माध्यमातून आम्ही संत रोहिदास यांची माहिती,तसेच त्यांचे दोहे,कवीता या सर्व गोष्टींबद्दल ची माहिती ॲप मध्ये टाकत आहोत.हे ॲप बनवण्या मागिल उद्देश म्हणजे आपल्या संतांचा वारसा व त्यांचे कार्य उद्याची डिजिटल पिढी यांनाही वाचता यावे,पाहता यावे हा आमचा यामागचा उद्देश आहे हेआपण नक्की डाऊनलोड करा व अभिप्राय कळवा धन्यवाद
  • Name Generator APK
    Generate a random name from 3 sets of syllables.
    You can add syllables separated by commas or remove them.

    Limitations for this release:
    * you can't save your edited syllables
    * You can't add more than 3 sets
  • GAPP APP - Honey Bun Foundation APK
    The Gapp App is a diagnostic tool that will revolutionise your business. The app focuses on identifying Gaps within your existing business, and shows you where to get the support to fill them. Do you need help with marketing, maintaining quality or to expand your export? The app will highlight the areas of your business that needs the most urgent attention.
  • Thao Demo APK
    This is a demo to deploy on Google Play Store for CIS2250 Canes Camper project
  • Health Appeal APK
    We aspire to provide pure organic oils to our customers. The wellness and well being of our patrons is supreme.
  • InvaSafe APK
    The InvaSafe app is the companion to the InvaSafe home health monitoring solution. The app brings family members peace of mind by allowing them to follow and stay up to date with the latest preventive and emergency information concerning their loved ones.

    The InvaSafe app allows you to;
    - Receive live push notifications of preventive and emergency alarms
    - Chat with medical professionals to get their advice on nutrition, movement or sleep.
    - Follow all relatives linked to your account
    - View each relative's list of recent alarm notifications
    - View each relative's profile data for easy contact
  • Pet Nexus APK
    Your veterinarian makes it easy for you to be the best pet parent you can be! With Pet Nexus, take charge of your pet's health by staying informed and organized. Gain access to your pet's records, future appointments, and message your veterinarian with any concerns you might have.

    Stay on top of your pet's health in one place with these features:

    Pet Profile
    Gain quick access to all of your Pet's info within their Pet Profile, including Pet Stats, Vet Recommendations, and Online Forms.

    Pet Records
    View, access and share your pet's vaccination records.

    Appointment Management
    Schedule and confirm your pet's upcoming appointments. You can then add these appointments to your device's calendar app.

    Direct Messaging
    Send a direct message to your vet regarding your pet's health directly in the Pet Nexus app.

    Mobile Notifications
    Receive mobile notifications of upcoming appointment reminders, new messages, and more.
  • Byron at Byron APK
    Nestled in 45-acres of magical subtropical rainforest, Byron at Byron, a Crystalbrook Collection Resort, is a celebration of nature, responsible luxury and the local environment.